Kitchen Tweezers Jet Black Culinary Tweezers Offset 20cm

  • Offset Round Tip
  • 20cm length.
  • Hand-wash only.

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Kitchen Tweezers Offset 20cm Available in Jet Black Color

This Jet Black Colored Garnish Tongs is made with High Grade Stainless Steel material

  • Offset Round Tip
  • 8″ Length
  • Hand-wash Only

Ideal for Plating Sushi Meals

Carefully, Gentler Tips hold and keep herbs, flowers and petals properly without bruise.

200mm Round Tip Kitchen Tweezers are very helpful for arranging complex plating with your finger tips with great control over the food

Suitable for Professional Culinary Artists, they can now decorate plates with more confidently and beautifully with these handy Food Tweezers

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