Tweezers for Deboning Fish / Fishbone Kitchen Tweezers

  • Offset Fine Tip.
  • 20cm length.
  • Hand-wash only.
  • Ultra Fine Tip.

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Chef Fishbone Kitchen Tweezers Available in Different Colors

Red, Black and 14cm fish bone picker is most selling Chef Tool

  • Strong Grip
  • 5.5″ Length
  • Hand-wash Only

Best for Removing Pin Bones From Salmon Fish with a great strong grip, suitable for professional chefs/Student Chefs.

Used to remove bones from fish as fish deboning tools

Every chef needs to have a great Tweezers to help support his or her success when making fish.

Our Cooking Tweezers are designed for aiding chefs in the kitchen when they are busy decorating or presenting dishes these Chef Tools are becoming must have Kitchen Gadgets in every kitchen.

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